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English Grammar / Rules and Usage

Wacky Web Tales

Still struggling with parts of speech?

Here's a great way to learn while having fun!

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Wacky Web Tales

Best on the net!

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Guide to Grammar and Writing

Covering grammar at three different levels: sentence, paragraph, and essay, this guide also includes punctuation rules (it's a textbook).

Oh, and by the way... it's FREE!

P.S. This site has a twin, "Principles of Composition". It will be linked to the writing process blueprints page.

Introducing, "Grammar with an Attitude."

Don't believe me? Take a look.

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Grammar Bytes

The URL for this site contains the words "ChompChomp". That's what I'm talking about! Grammar with some teeth to it.

Teachers will notice that it also contains exercises, handouts and quizzes. I'm telling you, throw away those textbooks!

Very functional... like a dictionary.

The next guide, is not as impressive or fun as the previous two. It is brought to you by "Your", which probably explains its rather simple and ordinary layout.

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English Grammar / Rules and Usage

The Importance of Good Grammar!

Bo Bennett, in a blog entry on his website, "Year to Success" has this to say about the importance of good grammar,

Many of the benefits of using good grammar are the same as having a good vocabulary, the most important one being effective communication.  Grammatical errors in both speaking and writing can distract from the message itself and cause negative feelings in the listener or reader.  Avoiding grammatical errors can help you avoid low grades, lost employment opportunities, lost business, and embarrassment.

That's a fairly persuasive argument. The nice thing is, you don't have to be an expert on grammar to write effectively. You simply have to know where to find the answer when a question pops up. A great resource, the guides on this page have all the answers when it comes to grammar.

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