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Years of teaching and coaching cross-country have taught me that writers and runners share a common challenge... it's often hard to get started. Our Pencil Joggers address this problem with just the right amount of help, an important step in creating "quality time on task" in the writing classroom.

Creative Sparks
to ignite the writing process

Meaningful prompts fuel the consistent exercise needed for the growth and development of young writers. We add purpose to the process, by offering a simple and secure venue for the sharing of students' work online. This invitation to "publish" creates confidence and a desire to produce good work.

for daily writing practice

Personal improvement (output) is usually a direct function of quality time on task (input). Consistent and meaningful writing practice helps balance both sides of this equation, resulting in positive achievement gains in all areas.

Establishing a program that helps a student love writing, while producing quality content is not easy. A "daily writing prompt" has been the first step toward making it happen in my classroom.

A Publishing Platform
to make the process more meaningful

These prompts are free and open for use by young authors all around the world. This website may be used as a virtual filing cabinet, full of great ideas, or as a publishing platform from which students can share their best work with others.

I hope that everyone involved with your educational community will become familiar with, and feel comfortable using, this online resource.

From My Desk to Yours,
Best Wishes, Coach Hart

Click here to learn more about the author and get a "big picture" overview of this website: its purpose, design, and effective implementation.

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Prompts to Publishing
"Prompts to Publishing" accurately describes both content and purpose of this educational website, a common sense approach to daily writing practice.
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This teachers guide to a Daily Writing Prompt offers a quick overview of the program, along with some important suggestions for its effective implementation.
Complete List of Daily Writing Prompts
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Building Better Classrooms
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Food Matters
"Food Matters" is the topic for students to explore in this Daily Ten writing prompts page.
Descriptive Writing Prompts
Have fun with these descriptive writing prompts designed to spark the use of figurative language, rich detail and powerful imagery.
Persuasive Writing Prompts
These persuasive writing prompts, based on issues that are age-appropriate and relevant will help them master the art of "message control".
Narrative Writing Prompts
Ignite tinder from one's own life experiences and imagination with these narrative writing prompts that will keep the creative fires burning.
Creative Writing Prompts
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Journal Writing Prompts
Keeping a record of one's thoughts, feelings, and experiences becomes much easier with these journal writing prompts
Expository Writing Prompts
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TOEFL Test Preparation
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TOEFL Prompts
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TOEFL Timed Essay
This TOEFL timed essay page provides expert advice for effectively using the free resources provided on this website
Grammar Coach
The Grammar Coach guides writers at all levels in proper language use, writing form and function.
Picture Book Prompts
These picture book prompts are a great springboard into your next daily writing activity.
Book Reflections
These book reflections are literature based prompts that offer literature as writing springboards, propelling young authors into a wide range of potential topics.
Prompt Free Writing
A prewriting technique called free writing, in which the author writes continuously for a set period of time without regard to spelling, grammar, or topic
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Reference Library
Some great online reference materials are featured in this Daily Writing Prompt Reference Library.
Daily Writing Prompt Mailbox
Our Daily Writing Prompt Mailbox allows for questions and comments regarding this website.
Typing Practice Supplement
This typing practice supplement provides an opportunity to learn vocabulary and how to quickly and correctly type words and phrases related to this week's TOEFL prompt.

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