You have been selected to participate in a "Survival" reality TV show. You and one other contestant will be put on a remote desert island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

To win, you must outlast the other contestant who is to be placed on the opposite side of the island (with no contact allowed between the two of you, or the outside world). At any time you may give up and call for rescue with a special radio that has been provided.

Your back pack is limited to ten personal items of your choice (along with the rescue radio) that will fit into a regular size backpack. Decide which items you will take and why? Please respond in paragraph form (not a list).

Remember to support your decision making with good, common sense reasoning. Explain what each item is and how it would be useful to your coming out on top of this million dollar competition.

Word Bank - shelter; food source; fire; cold; knife; protection; plan; map; smoke; preparation; guide; expert; pack; weather; animal life; first aid kit; heat; signal device; flare; mirrors; whistle; water container; matches; water purifier; rope; ax; flashlight; compass; GPS; observation skills; rescuers; don't panic

- Points to Ponder -
1. Prioritize and explain the top five items on your "must have" packing list.

2. What kind of preparation could be done beforehand to insure a positive outcome?

3. Who would be a good resource person for some good, common sense training?

4. Compare and contrast wilderness "reality t.v. shows" with a real-life experience?

5. How could one's personal and professional life benefit from this kind of an experience.

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