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Tips for Teachers

Bell Work - These prompts are a great way to get the class settled down and on task. They provide consistent and meaningful time on task.

Prompts Preview - May I suggest that you preview upcoming topics on a regular basis (or post them on your classroom wall or website). This helps "prime the pump", so to speak.

Pen Names - The use of creative aliases, when sharing or publishing, will help students open up and express their feelings and experiences more freely.

Homework - Send your students an email with today’s prompt.

Prompt Self-Service - Give students just the topic/title of our Daily Ten. Let them come up with their own prompt idea and respond accordingly.

Daily Ten Line-up - Have five students stand up. Read one of their given responses. See if the rest of the class can guess who the “real author” is.

Ghost Writers - Have students assume the identity of someone else (famous or otherwise) and answer the given prompt as they think this person would.

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