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Why re-invent the wheel?

Three pages of great story starters that are oriented toward older students (middle school - high school) can be found in Creative Writing Help a source for inspiration and information on the art of writing.

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More titles with enough material to keep your daily writing practice going for years are listed below. Scroll down for additional connections to some great websites.

The Writing Fix

This popular writing website is based on two important classroom elements. First, students are required to write daily in journals or notebooks. Second, they have a choice as to what they write about.

Hundreds of ideas are provided to inspire daily writing. Click the "prompt generator buttons" until you find one that works.

Quick Prompts for Younger Kids

Serendipity Prompts

Intriguing Titles

Great Sentence Creators

Who/What/Where/When Games

Right-Brained Poetry Prompts

The Story Kitchen

Click here to see "What's cooking?"

Wonderful ideas are bubbling deep in your imagination. To get them out, Bruce Van Patten has made this creative writing help for kids, parents and teachers. Pick one hero, one place, and one villain in this prompt generator.

Slideshare Prompts

Click here to view images from around the internet and a few lines to get kids thinking creatively.

Quick Prompts for Kids

Click here to find a long list of prompts geared to younger kids.


Click here for topics that encourage students to think creatively, and have fun!

Spinner Topics

Click here to spin 4 different wheels that will come up with the craziest writing ideas you've seen. Geared mostly for younger students, intermediate age levels could also have fun with this creative prompting machine.

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