Expository Writing Prompts

Enjoy these expository writing prompts. Technical writing is so important in today's information based society. For a student to succeed in school, this particular writing form is absolutely essential.

Anything is possible given the proper skills and the practice necessary for young students to develop the talent of explaining practical ideas in a clear and meaningful way.

Our prompts offer ideas that are centered around fairly general topics which most students have some interest in. They are flexible in nature and can be modified, as needed, to fit various grade and ability levels, along with differences in background experience.

Expository Writing Prompts
-- Student Responses --

Changing a Tire - Hi! I'm Angie, and I'll show you how to change a tire. First, get your tools from your car, or workshop. Then remove the bolts from your tire. To take the tire off all bolts must be taken off, and someone must hold up the side of the car. If you're in a workshop and have something to lift it up for you, use that instead. After you have taken your flat tire off, you should get it out of the way. Especially when other vehicles are coming down the road. It could cause accidents. I would recommend putting it in the trunk of your car. Next apply the new tire. Be sure someone is still holding the vehicle up. Then bolt on all the bolts. Make sure they are tight, so as to not lose your tire again. Then slowly put the car down. Remember to put all your tools back and put them in a safe place. There you are! If you haven't had any experience with changing tires, or have no one to help you, please call 1-800-tires. We'll be glad to offer our services!

Journal of Science - When people come into the forest and take away just that one dead tree, you are taking away tons of smaller plant life. What bark beetles do, helps. When fires start in a forest, you think that the dead ones make it burn faster. No. What the alive ones do is worse. They have oils in the needles that pop when heat is too strong. So fire burns them and lots of crackling noises go on. Then fire flings to the other trees. The dead trees have wet plants underneath it, so it moistens the tree up. The fire takes longer to burn. It turns out that when a bark beetle kills a tree, it creates much more. Shrimpo

We hope that you'll enjoy our expository writing prompts.

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