Narrative Writing Prompts

These narrative writing prompts provide a "spark", igniting tinder from one's own life experiences and imagination.

Like any other artist, the author who knows how to compose a great story, may have been blessed with some natural talent. But more than likely, its a skill that's been developed and refined through years and years of practice.

Some of the narrative writing prompts listed below are simple reminders of the untold stories that we all have in our memory banks. Others are designed to jog the writer's imagination, opening the door to a limitless supply of fictional story ideas.

Narrative Writing Prompts
-- Student Responses --

Family Game Night - "We love Family Game Night!" says my Aunt. "Well I don't! My dad is a freakin' poor sport," I yell. "Oh don't talk that way," she slaps my face in a playful way.

"Well... let me tell you a story."

It all began with Phase Ten. My dad was just sure he was going to win. He sat quietly at one end of the table as we went around in circles. The tension, we all knew, was building. My mom was literally the best at this game, the silent killer. Out of the loudness my mom cries out, "Phased!" She passed the first phase, so now we all have to stay on phase 1, as she goes ahead. My dad took it okay. Two more games, "Phase!" yells my mom.

On the third game my mom lays her cards and shouts, "Phase!"

Finally my dad's face turns red and he puts his fist in the table and shouts... D.H.

Pie Day - One day I was just doing my normal everyday after school chores: scrubbing the floor, washing down the walls and making the bathrooms sparkle with a toothbrush. Alright, maybe not a tooth brush, but I was making them sparkle. When suddenly, dun dun dun! The doorbell rang. The pounding of stumbling feet making their way to the door. Slipping around on the wet floors, and gliding into the entry way to grasp the handle of the door. I twisted the knob and there in the doorway was standing the ICE CREAM MAN (actually he works for Schwans)!

He tumbled up the stairs to get my mom, for she decides the fate of the ice cream. She limply and slowly made her way down the curving steps. "Hi!" she exclaims with a warming smile... Lots O' Love

Law of the Harvest - One, time I got the boot. My dad had us pull some weeds. It was just me and my younger brother. So we went out to the garden and started pulling away. After about ten minutes I bribed my brother into finishing my job. I went into the house made some lemonade and went upstairs to watch a movie.

My brother was taking a while and I thought that he was just touching up. When dinner was finally made and ready. We sat down to eat. It turned out my brother had been in the kitchen helping my other brothers the whole time. My dad wanted to take a look at our job before we ate. I was just fine with that because my brother did my part of the job. When I looked at my part of the garden, it hadn't been touched. My brother didn't even do my part. My dad gave me a good kick and then had me finish the garden if I wanted to eat. I was working into the night. By the time I went back in, kitchen was closed and I didn't get my dinner either... Jail Break

Dunce Day - It was 12 o'clock at night and I was super tired. I usually go to bed at nine or ten, so I guess you can see why. My mom had us put the laundry away, so I grabbed my socks and some dishtowels. Instead of putting my socks in my room, I put the dishtowels in my sock pile. I went to put my socks in the dishtowel drawer. The next morning I woke up and my mom was confused. She was holding my socks in her hand and she said, "Are you in love or something?!" I started to laugh. Then she told me how one time she saw a "cute" boy and she put the cereal in the refrigerator and the milk in the pantry. I told her I was not in love and I was just tired, and I am to young to be liking anybody. Yuck!.... I iz dum

We hope that you'll enjoy our narrative writing prompts.

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