Persuasive Writing Prompts

These persuasive writing prompts give young authors practice in winning over the hearts and minds of others.

The art of gentle persuasion has changed little over time, whether in written or verbal form. First, clearly state your position. There should be no misunderstanding as to where you stand on the issue.

Next, support your argument with clearly defined reasons and examples that are both logical and relevant.

Finally, in responding to these persuasive writing prompts, remember what you are trying to accomplish and who your target audience is in responding to each of these carefully crafted persuasive writing prompts.

Persuasive Writing Prompts
-- Student Responses --

X-mas Conflict - I think that holiday shopping and Santa Clause are all great and dandy but the people who get a bunch of presents are forgetting what Christmas is all about. To get into detail, you have to recognize the fact that Christmas is a religious holiday. You can't discuss the topic of the commercialization of Christmas without getting into religious topics.

So now that that's out of the way, I think that Christmas has changed now from what it originally was meant to represent. The giving of the gift to a loved one was to signify the gift that god gave all people of earth. The gift of Jesus, who is believed to be a much bigger gift. For Jesus would give his life for everyone, and in turn saving us from our own foul nature. He was going to right the wrongs of humanity, he was going to forgive us for our evil deeds... Millhouse

Use Less Stuff Day - First of all, people call our family "tree huggers", like it is a bad thing. We reduce, reuse, and recycle. We believe wind and solar instead of using so much gasoline and electricity. So go ahead and call us "tree huggers" cause we are proud of it! I think using less stuff should be celebrated and actually done! And this is how I would celebrate it.

First we would go buy our vegetables and put them in our reusable grocery bag, and we would sit outside and look at the beauty. Our farm is perfect because there is not as many cars driving around. If we could, we would get or build a windmill. They are actually very pretty to me. If we had the money, we would switch to a better car, but for now we just have to start out small and do what we can to save the planet... Recycler

Wild Game Hunting - I hate it, absolutely hate it! Killing animals for a game? I understand some people like to for the meat and whatnot, but holy cow leave the animals alone if you have no other use than for a game! That's actually really disturbing. It makes my stomach churn and I feel like it's all knotted up. (Or that could be me just wanting lunch) It's terrible! I think wildly against it.

Not only are you killing innocent creatures, but you’re also "killing" the food chain. I only find it right when, for example, a wolf kills a deer or something. It is so they can survive. I see no reason in bringing that down. So I guess I could say, not only are you killing for fun, but you’re also killing off another species by taking away their food... Joe

Fame or Fortune - I would prefer the private life of FORTUNE! Awwh, sit in luxury, no paparazzi, no one intruding on your life. You know how you go look on the internet and the first page on for example yahoo gives you celebrity updates? Like, Selena Gomez break up with Bieber? Or maybe something like, Jessica Simpson has her next baby! To me I'm like, "Okay, I didn't want to know that. Move on." People are always peeking into your life, and screwing it up. Why have people know your name, but only know your screwed up life? It doesn't make any sense.

With my fortune I would get myself a nice simple house, with wild electronics and then go around the world trying to help those in need. Then come home, or go have a vacation at the Bahamas! Although, taking this into consideration can change my thoughts about being a millionaire. Think of all the people you employed. Think of all the people working to get their pay. Think of all the people depending on you for it. Not only would being a millionaire be amazing, it would push me over the edge into Stress-ville. Foxtrot

We hope that you'll enjoy our persuasive writing prompts.

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